What is Marty’s Magic Ruseletter?

Marty’s Magic Ruseletter is, as the name suggests, a FREE monthly newsletter on magic as both a hobby and performance art. Subscribing to the Ruseletter is the best way to keep up-to-date with the latest content on my magic blog, Marty’s Bag of Tricks.

If you want to learn more about the Ruseletter before subscribing, I recommend reading Issue #1. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive future issues on the first Sunday of every month in your email inbox.

How Often Do You Publish New Material?

The newsletter is published monthly (see the Monthly Updates section). However, I actually post articles to Substack weekly, not just at the start of each month. Suppose you’d like to receive an email notification on the day each article is published (rather than wait for the next monthly update). In that case, you can turn on additional notifications for each newsletter section (go to your account page to do this).

Modify Notifications

You can turn them all on or pick and choose which notifications you want to receive in your inbox. The monthly update will be the only newsletter you’ll be subscribed to by default. I hate spam, so I’d rather you consciously opt-in to the other notifications. If you do, you’ll receive two or three weekly emails from me as well as the monthly update on the first Sunday of each month.

What are the Main Benefits of Becoming a Subscriber?

Subscribing will give you access to my original close-up mIn addition, each. Each month, I’ll share several unpublished magic tricks for you to learn, practice and perform.

As a valued subscriber, you’ll also be given access to some of my unpublished magic books in syndicated form. Once each book has been written, I’ll publish it as an ebook and possibly a physical book (depending on demand). However, subscribers will retain access to the web versions of the book forever.

Is the Ruseletter free?

Yes, the Ruseletter is 100% free, although I might introduce paid subscriptions in the future. However, you can support my writing by buying me a coffee via Ko-Fi.

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